Weeks of Action 2017 - Who's backing the campaign?

See who's backing the 12th Annual Weeks of Action campaign and celebrating the 'Game Changers' in 2017.



David Bernstein CBE, President of Level Playing Field


“As President and long-time supporter of Level Playing Field it is with great pleasure to welcome the 2017 Weeks of Action campaign. Over the years, I have witnessed the immense change that Level Playing Field has brought about through its small, dedicated team that cares passionately about improving access and inclusion for disabled supporters. The Weeks of Action are about celebrating those vital improvements that change the game for so many fans, and whilst there is still much work to do, this campaign is a chance to celebrate the good work that has been done and the ‘Game Changers’ who have made this possible”.


David Davies, Vice President of Level Playing Field


“Level Playing Field (LPF) and its many supporters should be really proud of their achievements already. They’ve made a real difference, and the results can be witnessed at grounds up and down the country. Access and inclusion for disabled football supporters has been improved in recent years, but there is still much to do. That’s why Weeks of Action matter. But make no mistake. Does anyone really believe that such improvements so far would have happened without LPF? In short, they have been real ‘Game Changers’”.


Lord Faulkner, Vice President of Level Playing Field


“The LPF Weeks of Action is a great initiative that places access and inclusion firmly in the spotlight. Whilst we are under no illusion to the scale of work yet to do in order to achieve an equality of matchday experience for disabled spectators, this campaign is about celebrating the good work that is done to improve access. By shining a light on the ‘Game Changers’ that make such a difference to the lives of disabled supporters, we hope this will inspire others to do the same and that we can take a step closer to fully accessible and inclusive stadia”.


Roisin Wood, Kick It Out Chief Executive Officer


"We're proud to back Level Playing Field's Weeks of Action campaign and to support their ‘Game Changers’ theme in shining a light on the unsung heroes and organisations who contribute to widening participation across all sports.

"Staff and volunteers behind-the-scenes at clubs play a crucial role in making sure disabled supporters feel valued and welcomed and their commitment cannot and shouldn’t be underestimated.”


Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson, House of Lords Crossbench Peer,  Former Paralympian


"Level Playing Field Weeks of Action are a great opportunity to join together and celebrate the positive work that is done to improve access and inclusion for disabled spectators, and I’m delighted to be supporting this important campaign this year. There is much work yet to be done, but we should also recognise the good examples of access and inclusion that make such a difference to the lives of disabled sports fans. In celebrating the ‘game changers’ who make such a difference, we can lead and inspire further change – this was the spirit that led to the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games setting the highest possible access standards, and there is no reason why we cannot take this forward and make all sports stadia accessible and inclusive for disabled supporters."