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Stadium Information


St Mary's Stadium


St. Mary's Stadium
Britannia Road
SO14 5FP

Club / stadium contact for disabled supporters


Khali Parsons, Supporter Relations Manager & Daniel Whittington, Supporter Relations Advisor

Telephone no.

02380 711 980 (Supporter Relations)

Website address

Disabled Supporters Association


Paul Lucas


023 8086 1101


Website address



Accessibility Information

For UK minimum access standards for new and existing stadia and for good practice guidance please click here.


Getting There & Parking


Southampton Football Club provides 80 Accessible Parking Spaces for home supporters which are sold on a seasonal basis. 


There are 6 parking spaces for visiting disabled fans. These are located in the North Car Park, adjacent to the visiting fans turnstile. Spaces must be booked in advance. The cost to disabled supporters to park in the stadium is £6 which is payable on entry into the car park. If you would like to book a space for your away match please call the Supporter Relations Team on 02380 711 980 or email . Please ensure that you have purchased your match ticket from your Club before booking parking.


The Stadium Car Parks will be open up to 40 minutes before kick off and re-open approximately 20 minutes after the final whistle.


The drop off point is situated at the front of the Stadium adjacent to the Main Reception and the Ted Bates statue. If you require assistance getting from the drop off point to the turnstile or your seat please contact our Supporter Relations Team on 02380 711 980 or by email to discuss ways in which we can help.


Disabled fans enjoy a comfortable, safe ride to St Mary’s Stadium, courtesy of Southampton Football Club operated by One Community. This service is funded by Southampton Football Club. The service is provided free of charge to disabled supporters registered with the scheme and proves to be very popular. If you have any questions or would like to book a place for any league or cup match please contact our Supporter Relations Department on 02380 711 980 or by email

Accessible travel to away games is also available. 


National Rail have published links to the nearest stations to sporting venues including Southampton see here for more information.


Level Playing Field have not verified the information given and we suggest that you contact the station direct if you have any access requirements.


National Rail have published links to the nearest stations to sporting venues including Southampton see here for more information.


Level Playing Field have not verified the information given and we suggest that you contact the station direct if you have any access requirements.

Getting a Ticket


Information on purchasing a ticket please visit the Southampton website


Tickets for disabled supporters can be purchased by contacting the dedicated line at the Ticket Office: tel: 02380 718 601 email:

Spectator Viewing areas


Southampton FC have 193 spaces for wheelchair users available. This includes 70 in elevated positions and 123 pitchside. 168 spaces are for home fans and  25 spaces for away fans (availability pitchside and on a raised deck). Away fans are seated with their own supporters. 


Ambulant disabled fans are welcome to choose a seat anywhere in the stadium that best suits their needs, although we do have 202 seats that have been identified as more suitable for ambulant disabled supporters. You are encouraged to contact us to discuss further. 


Visiting Fans


Visiting fans are encouraged to contact us prior to your visit should you have any questions or need additional assistance. We are here to make your supporter experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Supporter Relations Team 02380 711 980 /


NB: Under existing minimum standards for accessible stadia, the club should have 186 wheelchair spaces. 75% of these should be elevated positions and the remaining 25% pitchside.


LPF's view is that many disabled supporters should be able to access general seating areas and only those with specific needs eg those who require extra legroom, or access via aisle seats or who need step free access etc should be allocated seats in the dedicated areas.


Based on the above, the club therefore exceeds the current minimum guidance. 

Accessible amenities


There are a total of 31 wheelchair accessible toilets at the stadium. 2 are located outside the stadium, 21 are located on the concourses and 8 are located in the hospitality sections. The club shop is accessible for all fans. The Ticket Office is accessible for all fans, and a lowered window has been fitted for wheelchair users. Catering kiosks in the home and away sections do have low level serving counters and are also fully accessible.


There is a Changing Places Toilet available for use by all fans both home and away. It would be helpful for us to know in advance that you may need access to this facility during your visit by contacting our Supporter Relations Team on 02380 711 980. We can then ensure quick and easy access by advising staff in the area in which you will be sitting. 

Accessible services & information


The club does have a hearing loops at the Ticket Office, the Saints Store and at Reception.


Match commentaries are available via the local hospital radio in lower block 4 (home area) in rows C to G, stewards hand headsets out. We also have DAB radios that can be used anywhere in the stadium. Facilities for assistance dogs are available – please contact our Supporter Relations Team to book on 02380 711 980 or email The concourses do not have rest areas included.


Southampton’s Supporter Relations Team works with families of children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, anxiety disorders, and other sensory conditions to make their visits as successful and enjoyable as possible. The Sensory Room provides a calming environment for those fans to experience the club’s matches and to work toward being able to attend football with their families in the general admission areas.


The club has worked with Autism Hampshire to create the space, which enhances the match day experience for existing fans, while also encouraging new supporters and families, who would not previously have considered attending a live game, to visit.


Any fans/families who feel they can benefit from the Sensory Room are encouraged to contact our Supporter Relations team on 023 8071 1980 or
Places in the Sensory Room will be available for all first-team fixtures, and are subject to availability. Proof of eligibility, in the form of a letter from a doctor/consultant or similar, may be required.


Southampton Club Website – Information for Disabled Supporters


Updated December 2017.

DSA Additional Information


Disabled? fan? Want to see a game at St Mary's courtesy of the SDSA? Click here to find out more. All year offer.


Saints Disabled Supporters Association


Southampton FC is pleased to work with the SDSA to ensure an ongoing dialogue with there disabled fans. The association welcomes contact with disabled saints fans and for further information click here to find out more.


Updatged 24th May 2018


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Blue Fox

Match: Leicester City - 13th December 2017

Published: 3/1/2018


Views were better on the elevated platform, compared with pitchside where been on previous visits and it was great to be under cover on a very wet and freezing cold Wednesday night in December but overall experience was poor for me. Access was escorted through the open plan internal offices and access to the toilet also had to be escorted to and from by the stewards. Like being back at primary school with a steward also stood waiting outside for you to finish. The toilet only had one grab rail and was too close to the wall. It did not allow for right and left hand transfer. There was no access to food or drink facilities and an order / delivery service was provided by the stewards. There was no opportunity to meet with friends to socialize once you had entered the stadium. The whole set up is very strange and the whole experience just doesn't sit comfortably with me.

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Tom Grover

Match: Southampton v Arsenal

Published: 16/5/2017


Southampton again sitting at pitch level lovely view of the back of cameramens heads. Unable to see majority of game due to the cameramen, also didn't see the goals as view blocked by both cameramen & Arsenal supporters coming down from the stands in the 2nd half and standing at same level as the wheelchairs but further forward. Maybe some of the stewards would like to try sitting in a wheelchair in this position remembering that not all wheelchair users find it easy to keep changing position in their wheelchairs to see what its like. Instead of just shrugging and walking off when you tell them where your sitting.

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Anne Hyde

Match: Southampton v Arsenal - 10th May 2017

Published: 11/5/2017


It was the first time that I had the opportunity to sit on the wheelchair platform for a match rather than pitchside and what a pleasure it was.


Firstly the view was far better than pitch side as pitch side I have always had cameras and staff walking backwards and forwards in front of me.  There was no interuptions on the platform.


The only disadvantage of the platform was that you have to arrive early as you have to be escorted through some offices but the staff were extremely friendly.  A friendly member of staff came and asked if we required any food or drinks at half time as there is no facility for this - cash only.


The club had two members of staff who kept the two rows in front of us free.  Despite a number of fans trying to stand in this area, they continually asked them to move.  All stewards had their first name on their jackets and I would like to say 'Thank You' especially to David who even up to the last minute asked politely for the fans to move.


Many clubs should take note of what Southampton do for the wheelchair fans to make their experience at a football match an enjoyable one.  Well done Southampton.

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Steven Powell

Match: Southampton v Arsenal, FA Cup 4th Round, Saturday 28/1/17

Published: 30/1/2017


Another disappointing pitchside view. Especially disappointing as St Mary's was built and opened in this century. No dropped counters at refreshment kiosks either.


The9re was a notice on social media p9rio9r to the game saying that supporters would have to take an alternative route back to the city centre and railway station post-match. It was said that this 9route would be "well signposted". It wasn't.


A great result for the Arsenal but yet another poor obstructed pitch level view exposed to the elements. Fortunately the rain held off until after the final whistle, else we'd all have got soaked. Not close to good enough.

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Gary Armstrong

Match: Southampton V Watford

Published: 21/1/2016


the view was okay , thought it was going to be better when you think its a fairly new ground

be ware you will get soak if it rains 

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Access Advisr

Match: Southampton v Bournemouth

Published: 3/11/2015


Review from Access Advisr


Another good accessible ground to visit, and another result I'd rather forget. Stewards very helpful before, during and after the game. Photos show the view from pitch level.

Parked about 20 minutes away from ground so out fairly quickly.

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Amy Wilson

Match: Everton - 18/08/2015

Published: 19/8/2015


Once again and just as disappointingly as the last 3 seasons, the away disabled supporters were sat pitchside, were my view was blocked again by the press photographers who were sat in front of me for the whole game and stewards who walked up and down the apron for what felt like all of the match too. It was so hard trying to see the game, particularly the far end and side of the pitch because of these constant obstructions to the view. I am only small due to the nature of my disability, so that doesn't really help matters, but if children were attending the game they would encounter the same difficulties.


I had no idea we had scored to make it 2-0 as a steward walked past me just as Barkley played in Lukaku. Combined with the photographers in my way, I had literally no view of who Barkley had played in and what the finish was like. I obvioulsy only knew we'd scored by the reaction of the away supporters. This was massively disappointing to me as I didn't have the enjoyment of celebrating the goal due to not seeing it. I know a fellow disabled supporters who has the same condition as me said if he hadn't attended the game in his electric wheelchair that can be put into an raised position, he would have seen next to nothing of the game. What makes this situation all the more frustrating is knowing that there is an elevated platform in the away end which for whatever reason (I have been told two differing reasons) is no longer in use for away disabled supporters. The only time I have sat on the elevated platform back in 2004, the view from here was totally unobstructed.  


Southampton deserve credit for putting RADAR locks on both the disabled toilets in the away end for the season. This especially at half time made a big difference to the disabled supporters waiting to use both cubicles. The concourse is quite spacious, I didn't notice any low level counters at the refreshment areas, so I was unable to buy a drink before the game, my PA had to go for me.


If away disabled supporters could use the elevated platform again, Southampton would be one of my favourite away grounds to visit, but becuase of the pitchside viewing area, it isn't one of the trips I look forward to now, no matter what result we get there.

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Match: Southampton V Liverpool 22.2.15

Published: 25/2/2015


  Visited here again for the third season in a row, always seems to rain and yes it is rutheless on the front row when it rains, as those who sat there wil testify with  no other alternative seating available how bad is that. Although they did hand out plastic bags to those that needed them, if the facilities are better you would not need them.  As mentioned before the upper seating platform was not in use, Club say interior construction work prevent the use of it! yet I have heard it is because of an office space is hired out and you can't gain access when the office is closed!! or they will not let them have access!!  All credit goes to the stewards and the arrangements for parking are first class so they tick some boxes, but lets tick all of them as this is a newer stadium and they should have got it RIGHT for disabled supporters. That said it was a good day at the office with a win, but I know there are many thinking about not returning because of the elements issues.  It took days to dry out.

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Level Playing Field Response

Match: Burnley

Published: 13/2/2015


We have been advised that the elevated viewing areas in the Away section are not available this season. If you contact Khali Parsons on 02380 711980 she will be able to advise on the spaces available and hopefully meet your needs.

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John Lancaster

Match: Burnley

Published: 15/1/2015


Reading these reviews it appears that raised areas in the away end have not

Been used for 2 years. Has this been sorted for the 2014-15 season ? I am unable to risk pitch side viewing.

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Amy Wilson

Match: Southampton v Everton 26/04/2014

Published: 6/5/2014


Disappointed not to be on the elevated platform like a previous visit to St Mary's. No idea why this option wasn't available to away supporters when home supporters appeared to be using the platforms in the home ends.


View from pitchside wasn't great, wheelchairs are slightly below pitch level which never helps. View was blocked by stewards sitting opposite us and head stewards/police officers and people from the TV company which televised the game walking up and down the apron for the majority of the game.


Couldn't see Southampton's first goal because of two stewards walking across my path. Added to this were the positioning of many photographers in front of us. At times the far end goal was totally blocked from my view because of the photographers.


Such a shame that the raised platform doesn't seem to be used for away fans now (wasn't last year either, view was blocked again then but not as bad this time). Was a clear and unobstructed view from up there.

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Match: Southampton v Liverpool 1.3.14

Published: 3/3/2014


Poor pitchside views with stewards standing up to 10 minutes into the game.

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Match: Southampton v Liverpool 1.3.14

Published: 3/3/2014


Second visit to St. Marys and again have to say it is one of the most pleasant grounds to visit. As I have said previously, ground easy to find, parking when booked adjacent to ground, stewards very good and pleasant and informative.


One point lets it all down is the poor view at the start and during the games when stewards and Police stand up! and they stand for some considerable time so wheelchair tickets should be sold as obstructed VIEWS. 


As previously stated LFC took up all 14 away wheelchair spaces, but please note there are 22 spaces marked out along the front row, and a further nine in the raised viewing area that is NOT used, Why NOT.  Why are Southampton not providing more wheelchair tickets? when clearly there are many more spaces than they want to issue tickets for, come on issue them.  See attached photographs about the poor views until they sit down after about ten minutes, (see above comment) also the raised area for wheelchair users.

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Published: 19/3/2013


Attended Southampton for the first time, had read the other comments about the stadium but looked forward to forming my own opinions.  Car parking was good bookable at £6, but road closures around the ground made it hard to find the exact way to the car park so be prepared to ask road closed stewards.  Car park adjacent to disabled access to stadium, flat and easy to get in.  Spoken to by very helpful steward who explained the evacuation process in an emergency, and showed were the disabled toilets were, these are good better than most.  The upper disabled seating area in the away end was not in use again, pitch side was as per other pitchside viewing areas with all ensundry passing by, but when not view was quiet good.  Please do take rain gear with you as it hailed,rained most of the game and you do get wet, nothing was offered in the way of wet gear for those that did not have any.  Other than the wet weather they have nearly got it all right, but please can we have the upper viewing gallery open why have it?  all in all not a bad visit other than the result.

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Saint Spud

Match: All Matches 22/11/2009

Published: 26/10/2012


I am a Enabler season ticket holder at St.Marys and have been for a few years now. I have visited many grounds througout league 1, Championship and Premiership and can quite honestly say that St.Mary's has some of the best disabled facilities in the country. There is seats all round the pitch but the raised bays are fantastic, giving plenty of space for wheelchair access. There are lifts for all bays so no need for any pushing up a ramp.

There is one raised bay in the away part of the Northam stand which can hold about 10 disabled and 10 enablers plus several at the front of the pitch which is covered, but the wind around St.Marys is often swirling and cold, which means if your at the front of the stand you could get cold or wet if it's raining. On a sunny day I would advise you to bring a cap as the sun will be directly on you.

The Stewards are very friendly and will help with refreshments, there are plenty of disabled toilets about. There are disabled parking spaces at the ground which are hard to get. I would suggest parking in the city centre, there are plenty of disabled spaces around and it's only a 10 minute walk to the ground. If your coming by train it's a good 20 minute walk from Southampton Central, and on the way there it's all up hill. The Stadium is well signposted, but there is plenty of taxi's about and i would suggets hopping straight in one, it will cost around £4-£5 to get dropped right off at the stadium.

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Match: versus Colchester United 19/09/2010

Published: 26/10/2012


We were at pitch side which had the weather been rainy would have meant getting soaked. Fortunately it was sunny September afternoon and I wore a hat and remembered to bring sun glasses as the sun was shinning straight at us for most of the match and often an official would walk past in front of us - and does't that always happen when there's some action in the box !

The steward was particularly helpful and he even took the trouble to introduce himself by name in case of need for any further help.

There was good access to the large disabled toilet and had not my friend fetched the plastic hamburger before the match I'm sure that a steward would have helped.

As mobility scooter user who is able to negotiate the steps on a coach I wish that I could give further advice on parking as the other review isn't particularly helpful for wheelchair users I thought. The apparent parking problem needs further comments by a disabled away supporter(s) who has experience of this matter.

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Gary Deards

Match: Southampton v Reading 13/04/2012

Published: 26/10/2012


Turned up at St Mary's expecting to be in the upper tier away wheelchair platform only to be told that we were pitchside. Apparently the lift has been out of action for over 3 months. I don't believe this is acceptable (I doubt it would have been allowed to go that long in a home area + the area is also used as Council offices so I wonder if they would allow this and the lift excuse was just a not have to escort fans to that area!). The pitchside seats are not under cover and suffer from the usual sightline issue and lack of control from fans pushing forward into aisles (in fact, i did not see our 3rd goal as stewards/fans were standing in front of us). PLEASE SORT IT OUT FOR NEXT SEASON/THE PLAY-OFF'S. Apart from the above, the steward on duty was very apologetic and helpful and fully explained the evacuation procedures. Toilets were good and catering accessible. Coach parking was just outside the entrances but stewards had barriered off the only accessible route back to the main road and so it was quite difficult to get back on the coach before everyone departed...

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Andrew Paterson

Match: Disabled Away Supporters View 15/06/2012

Published: 26/10/2012


I used the Park and Ride facility on edge of the city, there were no deductions for accessible parking. It was an excellent facility though. At the ground, most stewards were helpful and have never had any issue with people on crutches entering through the side gates. I have to use the side gates due to not having enough power in my knee to get through the turnstiles.

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