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Stadium Information


Sixfields Stadium


 Upton Way

Club / stadium contact for disabled supporters


Wendy Lambell

Telephone no.

01604 683 777

E-mail address

Website address

Disabled Supporters Association


There is no DSA at present.



Website address



Accessibility Information

For UK minimum access standards for new and existing stadia and for good practice guidance please click here.


Getting There & Parking


85 accessible parking spaces are available to home and 5 to away supporters on a seasonal pay basis. They are located 100 yards away. Drop of facilities are available.


National Rail have published links to the nearest stations to sporting venues including Northampton Town see here for more information.


Level Playing Field have not verified the information given and we suggest that you contact the station direct if you have any access requirements.

Getting a Ticket


For information on purchasing a ticket please visit the Northampton Town website.


Please call 01604 683777 or email for more information.

Spectator Viewing areas


Home supporters have 40 spaces for wheelchair users available to them. Away supporters have 9 spaces for wheelchair users available to them.


NB: Under existing minimum standards for accessible stadia, the club should have 77 wheelchair spaces. 75% of these should be elevated positions and the remaining 25% pitchside.


LPF's view is that many disabled supporters should be able to access general seating areas and only those with specific needs eg those who require extra legroom, or access via aisle seats or who need step free access etc should be allocated seats in the dedicated areas.


Based on the above, the club therefore only meets 64% of the guidance and has a shortfall of 28 wheelchair spaces. 


Accessible amenities


Both home and away fans can use accessible toilets inside the stadium and there are 3 available. The club shop is accessible for all fans but does not have a low level serving counter. Catering kiosks in both the home and away sections do not have low level serving counters and so are not fully accessible.

Accessible services & information


The ticket office does not have a hearing loop installed. Match commentaries are available by contacting the club. Radio commentary is available and at least 14 headsets are available. Facilities for assistance dogs are not available. The concourses do not have rest areas included.


Updated with partial information December 2017.

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Sheila Quinn

Match: Northampton Town vs York City

Published: 18/2/2016


I bought our match tickets from York &phoned to book a car parking space, but it was on a first come first served basis.

We had a meal at the Queen Eleanor pub  a few minutes drive away.


Arriving at the ground we were directed to a car park behind the away turnstiles but all the spaces had been bought at beginning of season so the car park steward parked us on the roadside in the car park,  £4 charge

The club shop was wheelchair friendly & we bought programs in there.


Entering the ground we went through a gate where our tickets were checked.  We had been before. Disabled toilets were alongside the away stand, with a refreshment bar close by.


We were in a disabled bay pitchside in front of our own supporters so stewards & supporters were frequently walking in front of us.


If you are unlucky enough to park in the top car park there is a ramp going down to the ground although not too steep its hard work pushing a wheelchair.


A good day with friendly stewards


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Sheila Quinn

Match: Northampton Town v York City 11/01/14

Published: 21/1/2014


We bought our tickets from York & reserved a car parking space in advance.


Prior to the game we had a prematch meal at the sixfields pub close to the ground, reasonable, 4 meals & 4 drinks for just over £20 and a wheelchair friendly place.


On arrival at the ground we were greeted by a friendly steward who directed us to a disabled car parking space free of charge.


The club shop was near the ground entrance and spacious with plenty of room for wheelchairs to move around.


Another friendly senior steward took us into the ground and showed us where the disabled toilets were and tea bar & then directed us to the wheelchair spaces which were pitchside immediately behind the goal but infront of our own (away) supporters, He also welcomed us to Sixfields and said if we needed anything, just to ask a steward. He even came to see us at half time to check we were all ok and if we needed anything.


The view was good although looking through the net.


The teabar was in the left corner as were the toilets.


The teabar was easily accessible although they had sold out of pies by half time and the drinks were the prepacked stuff which most clubs now sell & isn't very nice, so we never bothered.


There were four disabled people from York with their carers & room for several more.


A good day out.

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Sheffield United Disabled Supporters Club (SUDS)

Match: Coventry v SUFC Sunday Oct 13th 2013

Published: 5/11/2013


The comments by J & J are correct although the toilet does need a drop down bar as the toilet seat is too low and without something to hold onto it is difficult to access the seat.


Wheelchairs behid goal in front of away fans, get very wet when it rains as not under cover at all.


BEWARE of buying food and drinks from the burger van in the car park, very very expensive - Hot dogs £3.70 Burgers £4. Pies £4. similar prices inside stadium. 


Otherwise a nice little ground.

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Colin Hazelton

Match: Coventry City vs Colchester United 8/08/2013

Published: 9/9/2013


It was the bizzare situation of a Sunday match and - as most will be aware - the not a little digraceful scenario of Coventry having to play at a ground some 30 miles away from their City and rightful stadia. 


As the reviews above are pretty comprehensive there's not an awful lot to add. For me the highlight was the Coventry City stewards in attendance - the were very good in being helpful and friendly 10/10.


Having very limited mobilty I'm able to travel on the supporters coach with my small mobility scooter stashed in the luggage deparment , so parking wasn't in any way an issue for me as the coach parked directly outside of the ground. For other vehicles I'm not sure.


As already said, away disabled supporters are situated with own fans on a slightly elevated position behind the goal  However, as it's still in the front of the stand ,weatherproofs are recomended even although I was informed by a steward that a blanket will be provided if need be (not sure if that'd be waterproof or not as the rain never came despite looking as though it might).


The accessible toilet , whist situated at the other end of the stand, is still only a relatively short distance and has no inclines to negotiate. The toilet itself is adequate /good and clean


I never used the catering facilities (also at the same end of the stand as the toilet) as the half-time queue was too long. But I did buy a cuppa from the burgur van outside before the match, priced at £2!


Just to stress the friendliness at Northampton - I left home without my pre-purchased £11 concessionary /disabled ticket. So upon arrival I went straight to the ticket office who issued new ones without any hassle whatsoever.




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Match: 06/08/13 - League Cup Rd 1

Published: 19/8/2013


Our second evening visit to Sixfields Stadium.   Our last one was about 4 years ago.


Access to the Ground

Ground is close to an M1 junction with out of town leisure parks nearby that include eateries.   We travelled in our Club’s mini-bus and were allowed to park immediately opposite the flat access away fans entrance gates that we used which are next to the Club Shop just to the left as you approach the front of the stadium.   There appeared to be almost no parking at the actual ground but I think there is a large car park next to it.


Facilities in the Ground for Away Wheelchair Fans

Viewing Areas

From where you enter the ground you go in a straight line along the front of the South Stand to a raised viewing area half away along at the front of the away fans with 8 spaces for away wheelchair fans.  There are fixed plastic seating in twos for PAs between the spaces.   I would concur with the previous review that as this platform is directly behind the goal, even if you are not sat directly behind the goal your view across the pitch has to be through the goal net which is distracting.   Sat so near to the goal you also need to be careful not to be hit by stray balls particularly during the warm-up.   I was protected by the headrest on my chair but in jumping to miss a ball, my husband hit his head on the metal railing behind which is just at the height to head bang, so be careful of that too!   Net apart, our view was not troubled by people walking past as can happen.   No score board was visible to us.  This time was a warm evening but if it was raining you would need full waterproofs as you are not under cover.   Too fearful of being hit by a ball to find out if I could get 3G.


The refreshment kiosk is at the far end of the away stand.   We had hot dogs for £3.40 each which we enjoyed.   My husband noted that he paid 40p more for diet Coke at Sixfields than he paid the following weekend at our home stadium 15 miles away!

Accessible Toilet

Is at the far end of the stand on the right just before the refreshments.   A fair size with left side transfer.   The lowest toilet I have found in 40 grounds.   Beware the tap, I drowned my feet with it, at which point I gave up trying to get warm water.   Handwash and hand drier provided.   The South stand had sold out so at half time there were so many people around I took the view that it was impractical for me to try to get to the loo.  I was able to get there during play however, without inconveniencing anyone.

Headset Commentaries for Visually Impaired Fans

The Club’s website gave the email address of the official to contact to reserve a headset.   You are asked to bring your own headphones as none are provided.    The headset is collected from the shop (conveniently located next to the entrance we used).   My husband was well pleased with the commentary.   Although not one specifically for visually impaired fans it was the Player commentary for the internet, given by 4 commentators each doing a quarter of the match so it was pure commentary with no chat, which really helped him follow play.  He also stated it was entirely fair to both sides which does not always happen.   He was told to return the headset to the shop at the end of the match but as this was closed, a helpful steward undertook to return it on our behalf.


Attitude of Club Officials

Welcoming and helpful when needed, otherwise unobtrusive, just as you would want. 


After the Match

Even with all the seats in the stand taken, getting out of the ground happened easily, what was not so easy was the roads out of the stadium with some very congested roundabouts. 


Will We Go Again?

Yes, as it is only 15 miles away for us no reason not to!   

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Rob Lewarne

Match: Match: vs Colchester United 09/12/2008

Published: 25/10/2012


Got to the ground in plenty of time and even though I hadn't reserved a space, was directed to a spot in the car park (which was free). Headed over the road for a pint in the TGI Friday, which is all wheelchair friendly.

At the ground the wheelchair spaces are in the away stand in the front row directly behind the goal (which spoils the view slightly)

Didn't use the WC or concessions so no comment to make.

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